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South Jordan is a diverse, vibrant, growing city. We need leadership that has experience, passion, and commitment to address a multitude of issues, helping us work together to resolve them. As residents we are all concerned about safety, growth, traffic congestion, infrastructure, schools, green space, low taxes, and preserving the unique character that is South Jordan. I have dedicated myself to our city as mayor, working as an advocate and ambassador for our way of life.


I hope to be able to earn your support as one who understands the issues and sincerely desires to listen & work toward collaborative solutions to the challenges and growth we face as a city. Making certain that the issues of all residents are addressed is my full-time commitment to you. 


We must work together, preserving what we love most about our city while welcoming the change that comes with progress.

Two zip codes, one great city. Together we are South Jordan.

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